"One hell of a night"
I’m always going

To be an uptown dude. The Bronx raised me and my roots are heavy there. I love visiting and riding around old hoods. It’s so much here; the women, the culture and movements. I can’t come back to live, but when I visit I get rejuvenated. I love New York.

Went to go see my dear friend at work today. She has a cool job!
It’s my Birthday…

and I’m more excited to be spending the time in New York. The last birthday I had as a native was 12 years ago. I’m happy I could return on my birthday. It seems fitting!

Don’t know what it is…

about Sunday nights. I can never drift off early. I’ll most likely get 4hrs of sleep and be a zombie at work.

If everything…

goes well I will be back in NY the first of the month. It’s been a long two years.

The Lab
Just in from Japan!
Drunken Lo Squats
Right now
Spent the weekend with Thelonious. Chill ass dude. Also my Pop’s birthday present.