Lute |West1996 listen. download. enjoy.HERE!

West1996 or West96 for short is a project that I’ve been working with one of my closest friends Lute. His last tape, The Road To Southwest Blvd, undoubtedly provided some good lyrical content, but fell short due to its length. This project has all full length material. To me it is some of the best verses I’ve ever heard from anyone in my city. 
Cover - I know what people are going to say about the cover. Nas’ illmatic cover has been used and is over saturated. The cover is a classic, but people have not done it any justice by using the cover and having unsatisfactory rhymes. Since I know my friend has lyrical content and ill rhymes, it was only right to pitch him the concept doing an illmatic cover. That album had some of the best storytelling behind it. You got a feel of not only what Queensbridge was but there was also a visual. Lute is telling you life from his eyes as a guy from Charlotte, North Carolina. 
Be on the look out for West1996.
To get a sample of his sound click the link! 

Rel McFly ft. Lute: Foreign Places

Cover Art: Marc Prosper


My boy Lute’s mixtape drops soon. I will post a link to download. I’d never post bullshit music, so you might wanna check it out when i do. :]