Energy is ~fading~ fast.
Really wanting…

to accomplish something +legendary in my lifetime.

Tomorrow is… well my born day. I’ve always had a thing about getting older. I hated that idea as a child. I knew that I no longer would be sheltered and would have to take responsibility for my actions. 

Once I turned 21 I knew things would never truly be the same. Every birthday after that felt like a step closer to mundane times, but it really wasn’t. I made some really dependable friends, had some ok adventures and really matured into man I could be proud of. 

Tomorrow, August 1st will be a milestone birthday; 1/4 of a century as my pops would like to say, but I’m nonchalantly just treating it like a normal Friday. 

Cheers to the past, a better future and to getting older and wiser.
This weekend

was a great success +
I enjoyed time away from the city and my time on the coast. Spent some quality time with my dad’s side of the family.

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