Downtown Charlotte, July 4th


I back away from potential _________ almost routinely. It’s not you, it’s me happens to be my thing. It’s not fair and all I can say is sorry. I don’t mean to disconnect, but that seems like an easiest out.

On Deck!!!

"I make dough, but don’t call me doughboy"

Headed to church on a Saturday.

Years ago I would fought against it, but I verbally made a commitment and I try to honor what I say. Should be interesting…

Latest Edition
Too busy for the people you care about…

Just to make time for the people you don’t know…


Here’s the latest piece that I was able to work on. I’m happy with how it came together. My good friend, Jimmy Kelso, asked me to create some cover art for his new project titled “City of Gods.” 

Being that I hadn’t created anything in months I was skeptical. I had a totally different vision when I approached this project. After months of bullshitting and making excuses, he hits me up and ask my how the conceptualizing was going. I’m not going to lie, I told him it wasn’t turning out so good. 

Due to the fact that I like to be a man of my word I told him that I would dedicate a weekends time to finish the cover art. Whenever I begin to work with a music artist I need to hear a good bit of the songs they intend on using on a project. Once he sent me the full track list the project really began to create itself. Took me two days to really nail down this concept, no thumbnails were sketched, I just used the vibe that the music was giving off. Needless to say I surprised myself and some of my friends. 

The project releases May 21st. Hopefully listeners could see how my vision came to be once they get a listen. 

P.S. My rule of thumb is when I happen to make cover art, the goal is to make it look like it naturally belongs with the other cover art in my iTunes.