for a silver lining +

Went bowling again…

Your boy is improving rapidly. We played 4 games back to back and I won all of them. 1st game I bowled a 107, 2nd game 89, 3rd game 141 and 4th game 115. I was very proud of my performance tonight.

In need of a real vacation.

One where I can take a lot of pictures of the land, get some great food, shop and relax.


Getting back to it.
Peace begins with a smile..
- Mother Teresa

I don’t know you,

but I’d like to. The vibe you give off transcends through the digital realm and some how manifest itself in reality. Could it be that whatever it is that makes up your being is so potent that it speaks to me or is it my lack of sleep and perception playing mind games? Not sure at all, but I still would like to know you.

Felt like…

an iPhone on 1% the entire day.

Had a GOOD weekend….

Friday - Strip Club
Saturday - Bowling
Sunday - Dom Kennedy Live

Went bowling tonight

With some friends and it was cool. Not sure why, but I started to pick up bowling as a past time. I kinda enjoy that shit. Anyway your boy busted out “The Turkey” tonight. I’ve never bowled three strikes in a row and when that third strike went down I felt amazing. Needless to say, but I won that game. I legit had fun tonight and I was completely sober.

make you feel that way…
  • Not sure how evenings turn around, but I was just chilling with some friends and shooting pool. Next thing I know we're at the booty club. It was one for the books. Happy Friday - Saturday.